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How will cloud bookkeeping help my business?

By connecting your business to the cloud and using Xero accounting software, you’ll enjoy countless benefits which will save you time and money. These include:

retrieval of daily bank feeds to automatically complete you bank reconciliations;
multiple users having access to information that is always correct and up-to-date ;
secure access to your data from any device, any time, any place;
online storage of documents to reduce paper clutter and free-up space;
minimisation of travel for you and your bookkeeper, as data can be accessed from the cloud. View Url

Is the cloud secure?

Yes. The cloud is probably more secure than your regular computer or laptop as software companies spend millions on backing up and securing your data. View Url

What is the cloud?

The “cloud” or “cloud computing” simply refers to storing data, files and software online rather than on your computer or a separate hard drive. This means you can access your information at any time and from any computer or device in the world. View Url

What is offsite bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping tasks can range from basic data entry of creditors invoices through to providing detailed monthly reports to analyse profitability, budgets and cashflow. With Offsite bookkeeping you get all these services without out someone visiting your premises. View Url

what is onsite bookkeeping?

When we come to your premises to perform bookkeeping tasks that can range from basic data entry of creditors invoices through to providing detailed monthly reports to analyse profitability, budgets and cashflow,we call it onsite bookkeeping. View Url

Is there any lockin contract for bookkeeping

There is a standard Engagement Letter that sets out the scope and pricing of the work and the obligations we have to each other as service provider and client.  It does not lock you into a specific time period, unless a fixed term is what you require. View Url

Why Outsource bookkeeping?

For many small business owners the burden of doing the bookkeeping is stressful and time consuming.  By outsourcing it you can remove that stress and use the time saved to do what you do best – running your business!


Perhaps you do the bookkeeping at night and on weekends, because you don’t have time during business hours.  Outsourcing it will free up that valuable personal time.


Outsourcing instead of staff doing your bookkeeping can also have advantages.  By outsourcing it you won’t have the responsibility of the taxes, superannuation, insurance and leave entitlements of a staff member.  Furthermore, an outside bookkeeper will bring an independent perspective to the work and provide unbiased professional input that can significantly improve your planning and decision-making. View Url

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